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Transportation Hippos

You know when someone makes an argument, and sets out a series of points, and one of those points is a direct contradiction to an earlier point?

I’m going to call those transport hippos, for hypocrisies.

Today’s hippo of the day:
The nobody/everybody paradox.

An argument about why bike lanes are terrible:
-Nobody uses them!
-They’re a waste of money!
-I drive down main street every day and see, at MOST, 1 person on a bike a week, and they’re on the sidewalk!

Immediately followed by:
-All cyclists run stop lights!
-Cyclists break every law on the book!
-Cyclists are a danger to society, they scare pedestrians and frighten drivers!
-Cyclists slow me down! I can’t afford to be late to work because of people on bikes! Click to read more!