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Review of Fresno/Clovis Christmas light displays

I’ve previously talked about how a few streets in the Fresno area have a long running tradition in which the entire street, or neighborhood, tries to outdo each other by lighting up every home with an explosion of holiday lighting and decorations.

On Christmas Day, I did a last minute visit to the three areas described in this Fresno Bee article at 8:30pm.

Cindy Lane / Wawona Estates

Not to be confused with Candy Lane, which apparently is not worth visiting anymore.

This is the most modern development, so property sizes are small, even with large homes. This means that homes are closer together, so the lighting displays appear more continuous. Further, homes are closer to the street. I’d estimate that over 80% of homes had decorated and lit up, and most went all out, with thousands of lights, figures, signs and more. It helps that the homes are in a very affluent area. Click to read more!

Christmas Tree Lane walk night is tomorrow

Just a reminder that Fresno’s Christmas Tree Lane opens for business tomorrow night, and it’s one of two walk nights. A bike night is being planned, but no details have been released.

On Christmas Tree Lane, lights are on from 6pm until 10pm on weekdays, until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Saturday, December 3 and Tuesday, December 13 are the walk nights, when cars are banned from entering Van Ness.

On car nights, traffic operates northbound, starting at Shields and ending at Shaw.

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