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Fresno COGS asking for feedback on 2020 Fresno County Regional Trails Plan

The Fresno Council of Governments and Fresno County are developing the 2020 Fresno County Regional Trails Plan, which will create recommendations for the ongoing development of new trail connections that create a safe, comfortable, and connected network for walking/hiking, off-road biking and horseback riding.

Note: Don’t confuse this with the Trail Network Expansion Feasibility Plan, which is a CITY of Fresno plan. This new plan is for the entire county and will focus on unpaved recreational trails and paved shared-use paths in Fresno County, including county areas within Fresno.

There’s two ways for you to comment, a survey and a map. They both can be found on this page. You do the simple survey first, and then get shown a map of existing trails. You can then click on segments and make comments. For example, you can tell them that the Van Ness trail is not very useful. Once you’re done commenting on existing trails, you can draw your own preferred future trails. Click to read more!

Construction well underway at GV Urban’s Crichton Place townhouses

I swung around downtown a couple of weeks ago to take pictures of a variety of different projects. Today I’ll be posting an update of the Crichton Place townhouses which are being built at L St and San Joaquin.

These technically broke ground 2 years ago, but were held up in a lawsuit. Granville knocked over a couple of 100 year old homes, and the lawsuit claims they didn’t go through the proper process to do so. Now that the lawsuit wrapped up, construction is underway.

The project is two blocks from Fulton, where most of the other GV projects sit. The buildings are pretty much a carbon copy of the units put up at Van Ness near the 180.

Each unit will be 1,400sqft, have 3 bedrooms, and 2 parking stalls.

Let’s start looking.

From across the street

 photo DSC06833_zps34888b32.jpg

Looking down San Joaquin

 photo DSC06834_zps7f8aa7a5.jpg

At the corner

 photo DSC06836_zps7df81360.jpg

Some nice, large homes here

 photo DSC06835_zps50326a1c.jpg

I really hope this project includes replacing that street light…

 photo DSC06837_zpsa8e8cb63.jpg

 photo DSC06838_zpsb567baf0.jpg

 photo DSC06840_zpse04abde5.jpg

Across the street

 photo DSC06839_zps52f38e3f.jpg

 Notice the sign?

 photo DSC06841_zps84a2be79.jpg

This building is directly across the street, and naturally I was curious. I assume that when built, this was a single-family home, but today it has 7 apartments.

 photo DSC06842_zps9a4a7295.jpg

View from the front steps

 photo DSC06843_zpscc42c2a0.jpg

I went inside, and was shown the two basement units, which are undergoing heavy refurbishment. They are being rented for $600 or so a month, which will be less than half the asking price for the units being built across the street. 

The owners were putting a great deal of work into the units, and seemed to be very friendly. If you’re looking for a cheap unit downtown….I’d drop by.

The construction of the townhomes across the street should make these apartments much more attractive, as the street won’t feel as desolate.

Further up the street…

I am unsure if that home is being refurbished.

 photo DSC06845_zps78f7e1cf.jpg

 photo DSC06847_zps60989f8c.jpg

 photo DSC06848_zps0d91d486.jpg

 photo DSC06849_zpsad6d2f50.jpg

Across the street…

 photo DSC06844_zps19320fa0.jpg

Google maps indicate a building stood there as late as 2009, before being demolished. The next door building is vacant, but very attractive.

 photo DSC06846_zps82cde348.jpg

Like all GV project, the sidewalk will be narrow. It’s a shame that no attempt was made to match the landscape style across the street.

 photo DSC06850_zps337777d6.jpg

 photo DSC06851_zps90900754.jpg

The super ugly street light

 photo DSC06852_zps139196bb.jpg

Returning to the intersection of L and San Joaquin

 photo DSC06854_zps1f0f576a.jpg

One hopes the old curb cuts are on their way out.

 photo DSC06853_zps1f5559ac.jpg

 photo DSC06855_zps040d6384.jpg

 Rather than use the existing alley, residents will access their garages via a private gated entrance

 photo DSC06857_zps5b769b41.jpg

 photo DSC06858_zps02017b17.jpg

Directly across the street, the technology hub Bitwise

Today, the 8,000-square-foot building at L and San Joaquin streets is
jam-packed with 24 small companies on its first floor — and 26 more on a
waiting list.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2014/01/12/3711004/wise-move-fresno-tech-hub-powers.html#storylink=cpy

 photo DSC06856_zpsf647ece0.jpg

And next to that is “The Rehab Centre”

 photo DSC06859_zpse63fb640.jpg

Looking back from San Joaquin, some interesting architecture

 photo DSC06863_zps3dc36c4b.jpg

 photo DSC06861_zps076662aa.jpg

And another abandoned building

 photo DSC06862_zps741a3f21.jpg

 photo DSC06864_zps43535de1.jpg

This intersection needs pedestrian improvements

 photo DSC06865_zpsf30d04eb.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the update.

Fulton Mall Alternate Analysis Reports Available for Public Comment

The city has used the Thanksgiving weekend to put up the massive “Alternate Analysis Report” for the Fulton Mall on their website. The choices of course, are to keep the mall, or to destroy it.

The public comment period runs until January 13.

It’s 382 pages of fun, so I haven’t made my way through it yet, but the folks at “Save the Fulton Mall” have pointed out something quite bothersome:

 photo fultonmall_zps6c6454d7.jpg

That doesn’t make sense. The plan is to bulldoze a park and turn it into a standard road. That doesn’t have any aesthetic impacts? Turning a pedestrian mall into a street doesn’t have land use/planning impacts? It doesn’t affect recreation, transportation or traffic? Huh? The plan involves bulldozing playgrounds to add parking spaces, that by definition is an impact on recreation and transportation…

And I’d think cutting down dozens of mature trees downtown and adding asphalt would have some impact on air quality. Is it significant? I don’t know, isn’t the point of the EIR to tell us?

On the plus side, these ridiculous omissions might bite the city in the ass if they’re taken to court.

I’ll plow my way through the report over the next few weeks, and I hope the rest of you do the same.