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Clovis: A pedestrian-oriented development without any sidewalks…?

In 1993, the Clovis General Plan called for the concept of “Urban Centers” to be included in future sprawl/growth.

In 2003, after years of work, the “Loma Vista Specific Plan” was released, setting (what appeared to be) strict guidelines on the development set to happen as the city took over agricultural land to its east at the southern edge of the city. The city was ready to grow and it appeared that they wanted to correct at least some of the mistakes of previous sprawl expansion.

Rough Boundary of Loma Vista Plan area. Residential development is clearly underway in the west. The majority is still prime agriculture, for now.
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2011 Draft Clovis Bicycle Transportation Master Plan Available

The city of Clovis has released a draft of their new Bicycle Plan. The plan was last updated in 2003, and needs to be made current so the city can apply for funding.

The comment period closes March 8th.

The plan is available here:

I wonder how many people will realize there’s a plan to comment on? Stealth releasing it on the website and then only allowing for 30 days of comment doesn’t seem very friendly. Also, it appears that comments must be sent via snail-mail instead of online. 

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