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Living Green Lecture – Part 2

Here is part two of the Creative Fresno Living Urban lecture.

A Q&A session was held with the city sustainability person, and during it, the following was mentioned:

-Evaporative cooling is more efficient that A/C, but fell out of favor in the 70s.

-In the past few decades, Fresno has grown 8x…but the land area consumed has grown by 12x.

-A pool pump, set incorrectly, can add 50% to a home electricity bill.

After the brief session, the president of Granville homes spoke. While Granville is known for their suburban detached homes, an arm of the company called GV Urban is responsible for many of the new residential developments downtown. Without them, downtown Fresno would be as stagnant as ever. Click to read more!

“Living Green” lecture recap, part one

I attended the Living Green lecture held at Fulton 55 in downtown Fresno on Monday of this week I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout, with over 50 people in attendance for the two hour event.

The presentation itself began with an official from the city of Fresno to discuss sustainability, water and energy use in Fresno, and how saving energy can help boost the local economy.

The speaker from the city clearly believed what he was talking about. He mentioned that his home has solar power and he drives a prius. But he wasn’t there to preach about green living, he was there to give out facts and let us see why being sustainable simply makes sense for the individual, and for the city as a whole. Click to read more!

“Living Green Downtown” lecture to be held in Fresno next week

Creative Fresno will be holding a free lecture next week on green and urban living, and end it with a tour of new apartments being built downtown.

When: July 18th, 6 to 8pm
Where: Fulton 55 at 875 Divisadero St., Fresno
What: An interactive presentation followed by a walking tour through the environmentally innovative Fulton Village development
Who: Open to everyone
Speakers: TBD
Cost: Free

Details can be found at:

The Fulton Village project is scheduled to open this year.

This is how the project looked last month.

Quick look at downtown Fresno apartment construction

My original goal when starting this blog was to post every other day. Well, I’m obviously failing at that. I’ll try to get part 2 of the FAX post this weekend.

Meanwhile, take a look at some picture’s taken today of construction going on in downtown Fresno. These are new apartments being built, which is significant because downtown Fresno didn’t see a single new residential building between something like 1980 and 2005 (anyone know the exact dates?). In the future, I’ll try and make a post detailing what has been built and what is going to be built next in that region. Click to read more!