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An overhead look at downtown Fresno before high speed rail changes everything

About a month ago, I went out and took hundreds of pictures around downtown Fresno. The intention was to post them quickly, but that obviously didn’t happen. My post about the changes at Fresno State took a few days to put together, and then I was away from the internet for a week due to a planned surgery.

This set of pictures was originally intended to show the current state of High Speed Rail (HSR) construction in Fresno. However, a lot has happened in a month, so they’re no longer current in regards to construction activity on the project itself. Instead, they will serve as a benchmark of what downtown Fresno looked like right before serious construction started in earnest, and before private investors started taking note of the prime empty lots. Click to read more!

A satellite view of what’s new in Fresno

Two weeks ago, Google refreshed their satellite imagery of the Fresno region with pictures taken on August 26, 2012, replacing what was seen on April 25, 2011.

Here’s a brief tour of the more significant changes in that year and a half. Some good, some bad. There’s a good amount of positive changes downtown, but many not so good changes on the urban edge.

I’m providing a link to the map, if you want to explore the area on your own, and also when relevant, a post I may have written on the subject.

NOTE: Google keeps defaulting to the 45 degree view, which is old, from 2010. On the right, hover over the map button and then click 45 to disable that and see the most recent images. On the other hand, this gives you a quick way to compare the changes. Click to read more!

Aerial tour of Fresno

A few weeks ago, I flew in from San Francisco, and had a lovely window seat. Our plane did quite the tour of the Fresno region, and I’ve gone ahead and posted the pictures below, with commentary.

Yes, the windows were dirty, and the smog was ugly…but I think it’s still a nice tour.

The “extended” nature of the tour also helped.

You may enjoy this aerial tour with the Gyrocopter music from Pilotwings 64. It was what came into my head while writing this post.

Here is the map of the first part of the tour. I was seated on the right side of the plane, so all the pictures are looking west and south, except for near landing. Click to read more!