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Important planning decision at city council meeting tonight

This merits a long and lengthy post, but I’ve no time at all, so I shall let some other sources speak to what is going on.

The Fresno City Council is to vote on the 2035 general plan as recommended by the planning commission. A long list of developers who depend on sprawl development to make all their money are lining up on one side, so it’s important to either attend the meeting or email the council-members asking them to oppose the developers and approve what the planning commission came up with (after months of community input).

The planning option is far…(far!) from perfect, but if the developers oppose it, you know they’ve done something right. Click to read more!

Yosemite Ranch’s unbelievable flyer

The last portion of this post has been updated.

As part of their attempt to privatize public space in an unprecedented land-grab, Yosemite Ranch is going all out to bus supporters to the planning meeting, a meeting almost nobody would have known about had it not been for Bill McEwen’s column in the Bee.

They’ve posted a flier on their facebook page which is quite unbelievable.

Let’s ignore for a second the mistakes in spelling and grammar and such (an elipses made of commas, really?) and focus on the message.


-They’ve been “fighting the fight” for two years, but who were they fighting? The process was done in secret and not made public until recently. Must have been quite the fight. Click to read more!

Rail-trail land grab

In his Sunday column in the Fresno Bee, Bill McEwen informs us of a plan by a restaurant owner to grab some of the right-of-way used by the Fresno-Clovis rail trail and convert it to private restaurant space.

While the land-grab wouldn’t decrease the size of the currently paved path, it would take a large portion of the publicly held land, and so block any future improvements, including something in the far-future, like a rail-transit line. It would also remove mature vegetation which makes the path comfortable to use.

Most importantly, it would take public land, held by the city and useable by all, and privatize it. Walls would be built and only paying customers would have access during business hours. If the business were to fail, then nobody would have access to the walled off section. Click to read more!

FAX service change proposals taken off website

So those posts I made about FAX (Fresno Area Express) proposing big changes to some of the main routes? I guess that was a waste of time as all maps and mentions of changes have mysteriously been taken off the website.

Why did FAX spend money on Fresno Bee newspaper ads if the proposed changes would be stricken so quickly? No idea. I’d ask the Bee, but they generally don’t write about the city’s public transit, which is odd, because they advertise how discounted copies are available on board the buses.

I’ll keep my eye out for future newspaper ads, as that seems to be FAX’s method of choice for communicating with the public. Click to read more!

Government Sprawl: Sending the veterans out to pasture

That’s right, more residential development out in the middle of nowhere, and this time, it’s government funded.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a housing developer planning a retirement community in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday’s Fresno Bee highlighted a new residential community, and this one is for veterans.

The article, “Budget cuts delay opening of Fresno veterans home” goes into details of the government funds that are helping build this thing. Federal, state, and I believe even local monies are being put into this housing complex, which is being created to help veterans. Click to read more!

Government Fail: CSU tuition up massive 12%…but not as big as 33% raise to president’s salary

What are they thinking?

Minutes after voting to raise student tuition by 12 percent for the fall, California State University trustees on Tuesday decided the salary for a new campus president should be $100,000 greater than his predecessor’s.

The salary debate concerned Elliot Hirshman, who began earlier this month as the president of San Diego State. The board approved a compensation package for him Tuesday afternoon that includes a salary of $400,000, with $50,000 paid for with private funds from the university’s foundation.

http://www.fresnobee.com/2011/07/13/2462409/csu-hikes-tuition-and-boosts-a.html#ixzz1S27MpjpO Click to read more!

Bee links: Zoo expansion, downtown growth, scooter rider killed

A few articles that caught my eye over the past few days:

A Clovis 14 year old riding a scooter was hit crossing the street. Apparently, this isn’t very newsworthy, because none of the articles go into any details at all. Except to note that the boy was wearing a helmet. That’s super important. The article heading notes that he’s on life support, but only so his organs can be used.

Clovis teen on life support after car hit him
Read more: http://www.fresnobee.com/2011/06/26/2442234/clovis-teen-on-life-support-after.html#ixzz1QSDkqVkD

The zoo expansion will go in front of the Fresno council on Thursday Click to read more!

Fresno Bee apparently supports HSR: 15 page special pro-HSR segment in today’s paper

Today’s paper was fatter than usual. Like most American papers, the Bee has shrunk over the past decade. But there was a surprise inside. A 15 page full-color special HSR segment, explaining all the benefits of HSR to the central valley.

Articles inside include:

Downtown Station Could be Regional Hub by the executive director of the Fresno Council of Governments
Japan’s Rail Lines Reliable, Quake-proof by the consulate general from Japan
Making the Case for HSR by Steve Geil

Among many others. A timeline, “myths vs reality” and several local ads by pro-HSR companies are included. Click to read more!