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Surprise! Oil industry lied about massive gasoline price hike in California

On New Year’s Eve, gas stations around California were crowded as motorists rushed to fill up their tanks. They had heard the fear mongering from the oil industry that proclaimed a price hike of up to 76 cents was to be expected on New Years Day.

People all over the California are rushing to the gas station to make sure they start the New Year on a full tank.

“I read about it in the paper,” said Randy Salbaugh. Salbaugh made a special trip to the gas station. “I’m gonna run around, get all three vehicles, get’em all filled up and go into the New Year with a full gas tank,” he said.
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Wouldn’t a functional transit system be nice for times like this?

The big news this week in California is a “perfect storm” of events which led to gas prices skyrocketing in an unprecedented way.


The surge isn’t expected to last long, but it may take over a week for prices to return to the $4.10 level they were in Fresno at the beginning of this week.

Even a short term surge can wreck havoc on low income families that are forced to depend on cars due to a bad transit system. Fresno has the highest density of poverty in the country, one of the highest unemployment rates, and a city built around the car. That’s a recipe for disaster. Click to read more!