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New Google satellite imagery for Fresno! (Fall 2017)

Posting updates about Google Maps satellite imagery in the Fresno region used to be a frequent topic on this blog. Thanks to the lack of clouds for half the year, Fresno was lucky in that new images were posted about twice a year, compared to some more populated area that only got an update every other year – or even less frequently. Basically, to provide the images, a satellite has to take hundreds of pictures, and then they are all blended together automatically to reveal a seamless image without clouds in the way. Since Fresno has so many clear days, it’s much easier to get the shots. Click to read more!

New Google satellite imagery for Fresno! (April 2014)

Another year, another batch of fresh satellite pictures from Google, and these were uploaded surprisingly fast. The latest set of images viewable in Google Maps or Google Earth was taken on April 5, 2014. The older imagery was from March 15, 2013. Before late 2013, the images were from August 2012.

Remember that is this referring to the top-down pictures taken by satellites, not the 45 degree imagery taken by airplane, which is still many years old.

The bright sun and cloudless skies make Fresno an easy market for annual updates. Some major cities around the country only get updates every 3-4 years, and some global cities are still looking at images 5 or more years old. Click to read more!

The curious case of the disappearing Google earth application

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an icon missing from my desktop. I knew I hadn’t deleted anything, but I couldn’t remember what icon had previously been there.

Yesterday, I tried to open Google earth. And that’s when I realized it was the missing icon. No problem, I’ll just get to the program the long way, with the start menu.

But it wasn’t there either.

So I searched “google” and then “earth” in the start menu search bar.


Was I going crazy? I know I had the program. I was pretty damn sure I never uninstalled it. So what happened?

Well, all this talk of google earth made me load up my favorite google earth related website, which you can find here:
http://www.gearthblog.com Click to read more!