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Lamp Post Bar closing

It was less than a year ago that I wrote a review about the Lamp Post Bar and Cozy Thai restaurant that had recently opened downtown. Cozy Thai closed a couple of months ago, and now the Lamp Post will close on the 8th (announced via their facebook).

It’s a shame to see two new business close their doors so soon, especially because they brightened up a rundown corner of downtown….which is also probably the reason they didn’t make it. Fortunately, Lum’s Chop Suey is still there and does brisk business at lunch.

The businesses were located a quick walk from the corner of Divisadero and Fulton, which always has people thanks to the Iron Bird businesses and Fulton 55. Unfortunately, while the Lamp Post was only .2 miles away (Google estimates a 3 minute walk) they felt like they were in a different city. Click to read more!

Review: Cozy Thai (foods) and The Lamp Post (bar)

Tried two new places downtown tonight, here are my short reviews:

Cozy Thai

Opened this summer in what used to be a ribs place. Large restaurant space, with lots of booths. We went because of a Groupon and had no expectations. Our last attempt to eat there failed when we arrived at 8:15pm to find out they close every day at 8pm. Sort of early, so take note of that (Wednesdays they remain open later, but I wouldn’t expect their kitchen to serve you past 8).

Arrived tonight to find a full parking lot, quite surprising. Entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a live band playing sing-along country music. Not what we expected, but apparently Wednesday is open mic night, and at least for today, all the performers were of the country variety, cowboy hats and all. Click to read more!