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Major improvements in rail service coming to Northern Central Valley

I love plans. I have also learned that every plan should be read with a heavy dose of skepticism because many of them don’t go anywhere. California publishes a State Rail Plan every couple of years, and it is always full of exciting ideas, including new rail lines, increased service, and better operations. However, I never post about those plans because most of them just never happen, so why waste time? For example, from the State Rail Plan:

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) has been studying passenger service in a 141 mile rail corridor between Los Angeles Union Station and Indio, CA since 1991.

One such proposal I’ve seen a lot about involves a big increase in rail service in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley including shifting the Amtrak San Joaquin over to a completely separate rail line into Sacramento, adding a bunch of stations, and increasing service. Cool stuff, but it’ll never happen, right? Click to read more!

Fall TV season features show set in Modesto

If you don’t follow TV news, you may not know that this week is when all the networks announce their Fall programming, and launch trailers for each one.

On the ABC schedule, there’s a new show coming out called “American Crime.” What caught my eye, aside from the fact that the trailer makes it seem more like a movie than a TV series, is that it’s set in Modesto. The trailer even shows a fictional “San Joaquin Airlines”

The show is going to play heavily on race relations, especially in the context of illegal immigrants. That’s certainly a subject that fits into the valley story. I also assume there’s going to be some heavy rural play going on. Click to read more!