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NJT gets message, offers some replacement bus service

A few days ago, I wondered why transit agencies generally don’t offer substitute bus service when their trains are down for extended periods due to severe weather problems.

Looks like New Jersey Transit finally got the memo, and began offering some form of bus service. One major concern is that commuters still need a car to get to the park-and-ride lots, as the buses won’t be stopping at the train stations. That is, if you walk to your local station, you’re out of luck.

The issue NJT looks to try and solve is having too many customers coverge on the few trains that are operating. Click to read more!

East Coast Trip Part 1 – Jersey

I spent last weekend on the East Coast. Here are pictures of my trip, with notes. Of course, the focus is on transportation infrastructure. I went from Newark to New Brunswick and then to Philly. of course, the entire trip was done using public transit and walking.

I was only there on Sunday and Monday, so I didn’t get to take as many pics as I would have liked. Not enough time…I’d never been to either location, so it was all new to me.

I arrived at Newark Airport Saturday night, after spending all day traveling, with a stop in Dallas. Like Dallas, Newark has a modern airport elevated train system that is fully automated. The Dallas one was a little better though. It’s always amazed me at the speed cities go to spend hundreds of millions on airport transit systems, but aren’t able to do the same elsewhere. How many train systems do you know in the US that run every 3 minutes, 24 hours a day, and are fully automated? All of them are inside airport. Click to read more!

Personal – Short East Coast trip

I shall be on the East Coast this weekend, hitting New Jersey on Sunday and Philadelphia on Monday. I’ve never been to Philly, and I understand they have a transit system that is very similar to the one in Boston, and that’s something I’m quite interested in experiencing. It’s a very short trip, so I do hope to see as much as possible in the free time I have.

Any suggestions on something I must see? I arrive in Newark at 6pm Saturday and depart from Philly at 6am Tuesday.

Also, you may have noticed I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual this past couple of weeks. I know, it’s been hard. I have 8 or so posts partially written but I keep not having time to finish them off. Not good, not good. Don’t even ask me the last time I vacuumed, if you think my blogging has been slow, imagine how I’ve prioritized less pleasant activities… Click to read more!