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One week remains to comment on Fresno general plan update

All the information you need is on this page, but a quick summary here.

  • Last general plan update was November 2012
  • This proposed one is controversial because developers dislike how it mentions focusing on infill vs sprawl 
  • The draft General Plan is available for a 45-day public review period commencing on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 and ending on Monday, August 18, 2014

The middle point is why public comment may actually be important. Don’t let the developers sabotage the plan, let the city know you support infill development. 

Mind you, the developers have already managed to water it down:

“The Council’s modified (plan) shifted more development to
single-family housing and with more focus on growth west and southwest
of State Route 99, but maintained a strong commitment to Downtown and
major corridor revitalization, Complete Neighborhoods, and more compact
development.” Click to read more!

Deadline for comments on Fulton Mall Draft EIR is TODAY (Monday January 13, 2014)

The Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Fulton Mall deconstruction project was put out near Thanksgiving. 

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit your written comments.

The report can be found on this page:


should be submitted to Elliott Balch, Downtown Revitalization Mgr, 2600
Fresno St., 2nd Floor, Fresno, CA 93721 , 621-8366. 

They can be sent
by email to elliott.balch@fresno.gov

Here’s some tips on how to submit good commentary:

– Be specific
– Separate your concerns into different paragraphs (don’t mix)
– Simply list items of concern, no need to go into background prose, although if you are an expert in a certain field, use that as a way to back up your points
– That being said, you do NOT need to be an expert in any field, but try to provide as much concrete evidence as possible

The meat of your comment should be around the following:

Click to read more!