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Sim City 5 details

As promised, March 6th came with the official reveal of Sim City 5. The best news from the announcement is actually that Maxis from Emeryville, the team behind the rest of the series, is in charge again.

The developer doesn’t handle too many projects, so you know they’ve had their full focus on Sim City 5 for awhile now. Here are their projects from the past decade.

2002 – The Sims Online
2003 – SimCity 4
2004 – The Sims 2
2008 – Spore Creature Creator
2008 – Spore
2011 – Darkspore
2013 – SimCity

They’ve also released a concept trailer. While the trailer does not represent what the final game engine will look like, it does give a very interesting idea of the ambition going into this project. Click to read more!

SimCity 5 finally announced

I won’t lie, this has been a day I’ve been anticipating for a very long time – a new addition to the SimCity series has been announced. It shall be released in 2013, and many hours of productivity will be lost. That’s 10 years after the last release (!). Full details apparently are being revealed on March 6th, right now there are only a few early screenshots.

I’m posting this because I have a feeling that some of the more active readers of this blog have dabbled in the game series in the past. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but this series is one of the reason I’m so interested in city development, even though it can be far from accurate (no such thing as mixed used development for example). It sure is fun though, and it has a clever way of making 9pm become 2am in a matter of minutes. Click to read more!