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F.U.S.E fest returns this weekend to Fresno

The Catacomb Party isn’t the only local music festival – F.U.S.E (Fresno Urban Sound Experience) is entering its sixth year with another great lineup of local bands.

15 bucks gets you two nights of music at some great venues. There are some changes this year – the festival is smaller (as a result of Catacomb…?) but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. Seriously, $15 for two nights of music? It’s a steal.

While previous years have included up to a dozen venues, this year it’s limited to 8 stages in 4 venues, all at the northern side of downtown. The first night is exclusively at Fulton 55, alternating between the main stage and a smaller stage upstairs, while the second night is mostly at the Warnor’s theater complex. One cool thing is that they’re apparently using the main stage, which should be fun for the bands. As usual, Tokyo Garden closes out the night – but you have to get there before the music starts if you want food. Click to read more!

Jazzhop growing in popularity

In November, I attended the inaugural Jazzhop event, which was an extension of the existing ArtHop concept. The concept involves opening up studios and galleries downtown to the public, for free. Jazzhop added to the art by introducing local jazz musicians to the scene. These events are held once a month on a Thursday evening.

When I attended in November, I was impressed by the music and scope of the options, but very disappointed in the amount of people. Fortunately, that seems to have changed, and the event held last week was much more popular, even though more venues were added. Part of the credit goes to the Fresno Bee, which produced a large spread in the Sunday issue prior to this month’s event. Click to read more!